Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mirrors in the Hallway

In the small apartments and houses mirror is a practical element that visually enhances the space. It is the most commonly used detail in the hall as for aesthetic and functional reasons.
When it comes home decoration, hallways are the first impression that someone gets when entering your place. For this reason, you must do what it takes to leave a good one. Adding statement decorative pieces is one great way to add a “wow effect” in your entrance. For example, mirrors work perfectly in a hallway because they are an excellent decorative element and they are very practical as well.
To avoid narrowing of the small space, you should avoid large pieces of furniture.
Instead of one large mirror, you can play with combining more mirrors of the same shape and different dimensions.
Any mirror can make the hallway look larger if it will be located on the right place, as it accentuates art work, and still work as an everyday mirror. Hanging a large wall mirror in the hall makes a small, dark area feel more spacious and bright.
Frameless mirrors are often square and simple, an understated option that works in most spaces. We, at Custom Mirrors are offering you custom sizes and shapes, along with different edge and corner finish.

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