Monday, May 7, 2018

8 Mirror Types for a Fantastic Kitchen Backsplash

Mirror was used everywhere in the house in the 1980s. Today it's making a strong comeback on kitchen backsplashes. Today's mirror treatments are so varied that it's easy to find a style that can work in your home. From traditional to antiqued, mirror can add light, space and bling. Take a look at some of these fantastic mirrored backsplashes to see if one will fit into your kitchen's design.

Smoked. If you want your kitchen to make a stronger statement, use smoked-glass mirror instead of traditional silver mirror. Smoked glass has more of a dark bronze or black cast to it. It's usually the same price but has a very different, dramatic look.

 The mirrored backsplash in this kitchen is simple, straightforward and stylish. A standard mirror has been applied along the countertop all the way to the bottom of the upper cabinets. Mirrored electrical outlet covers add a final touch for a cohesive look.

Antique. Mirror can be treated and aged to look antique, for a unique kitchen accent. Here the aged mirror backsplash has a darker hue and a worn finish.

Subway tile. Subway tile has a classic look that's become hugely popular. But if you'd like to go beyond basic white, mirrored tile could be the style you're looking for. In this photo the mirror is secondary, since the tile lines create a textured focal point. This homeowner also took the mirror all the way to the ceiling, doubling the kitchen's visual space.

If you have a more traditional kitchen (or butler's pantry, like in this photo), you can take the contemporary spin off a mirror by putting a frame around it. Have your contractor space the framing symmetrically, then paint or stain it in your cabinet color and simply apply the mirror inside the frame.

Mosaic tile. Ramp up any kitchen design with mirrored mosaic tiles (tiles that are 1 inch by 1 inch) to create texture and pizzazz. Don't worry, you won't have to place each and every tile onto your backsplash. These tiny tiles come on mesh backing for easy installation.

Partial. If you would like to try a mirrored backsplash but are a wary of going overboard, start out small. This designer added a mirror just behind the range. While it's sure to show some stains, a standard mirrored surface is easy to wipe clean after meal prep.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Outdoor mirrors. Why not?

If you think that mirrors can be used only in the apartment, cafe, gym, so to say indoors, it is not like this at all. We, at Custom mirrors, can assure you that you can use mirrors outdoors as well.
Outdoor mirrors are a great addition to any garden but they’re especially useful in small courtyard gardens on roof terraces and balconies. Increasing a sense of space and reflecting light in more shady corners, a well placed mirror can add a new dimension to a garden.

Here are some pieces of advice of how to use and how to choose the mirrors:
  • use small round mirrors to achieve a window-like effect into another world
  • get your mirror to blend in surrounded by foliage
  • consider what you will be reflecting – don’t place your mirror opposite a wall with drain pipes or air ducts, but try to reflect the leafy interest in your garden
  • use full length mirrors to create the illusion of a garden beyond
  • don’t place mirrors too high up or anywhere they are likely to impact bird flight
  • don’t use mirrors in hot countries where they are likely to become a fire hazard

Just follow these easy rules and contact us at Custom Mirrors to get more information!

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