Monday, February 26, 2018

Add Style to your Home - Choose Mirrored Wall

Mirrored walls are great variant for a small rooms, as they have the ability of making a room seem bigger. They almost double the space and add depth to a room, so there is no need to add some other details. The versatility of mirrored walls makes them suitable for any type of room. The main advantage of the mirror wall is the airy and spacious look.

Custom made mirror panels are creating an interesting focal point. For some spaces in your home, mirror panels are bringing double advantage, both practical and stylish, as for the dressing room and bathroom.

A mirror reflects the sunlight, lamps, chandeliers, candles, etc. More natural light that comes in a room is great since you won’t have to turn on the lights to see clearly. It makes the room airy, and the more visible a room, the more spacious it looks.
We are offering you a custom cut mirror panels, so you’ll be able to avoid the seams on the walls which will give you the ability to create flat mirrored area.

If you need something different - we are ready to offer you mirror tiles which can be installed following your own design.

Contact us and we'll provide you with the estimate price and will offer you some interesting ideas
Antique Mirror Wall

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Printed Glass Worktop

Printed Glass Worktops bring a new level of customisation to our beautiful glass worktop range.

 Artworks are printed directly to the rear surface of the glass. 

Printed Worktops can be provided as a standard glossy finish or the recommended Non Scratch glass worktop surface. 
Worktops can be customised to suit any layout with shaping and cut-outs available for sinks,hobs, taps and more.


  •  Digital Artwork Printed directly to glass
  •  Made from 10-15mm Toughened Glass
  •  Impact & Heat Resistant up to 400°C
  •  Shaping & Cut-outs available

Finish Types

Glossy Printed Surfaces
Our Standard glass worktop finish has a smooth glossy top surface. These surfaces are available in 10-15mm thicknesses, with a maximum piece size of 2.9m x 1.5m.

These are made from low iron, toughened glass. This glass is impact and heat resistant up to 400ºC. They will not discolour or stain from hot pans, spices or even chemicals.

Non-Scratch Printed Surfaces
The unique surface treatment creates a matt finish to the top surface of these worktops. This creates a slight ‘frosted’ effect to any printed artwork design.
Also made from toughened glass, this glass is also impact and heat resistant up to 400ºC. They will not discolour or stain from hot pans, spics or harsh cleaning chemicals. Available in 10-15mm thicknesses and in a maximum size of 2.9m x 1.5m.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018


The mirror is no doubt one of the most utilized fixtures in any home.
Mirrors keep us informed and even entertained by the way we look at times.
Mirrors take care of you; make sure you take care of them.The bathroom isn’t the only place for a mirror in your house.

Try using a mirror as an accent piece during your next room redecoration. Be sure to place the mirror in an optimal location in order to keep it in excellent condition and to utilize your space properly.

Placement of a mirror in a home can be a contributing factor in changing its once brilliant reflection to that of dull, unpolished silverware.
If a mirror is set in a position that receives a great deal of sunlight, the sun’s rays could be diminishing its full shine potential.

Bathroom mirrors take a lot of abuse, constantly being hit with water vapor, steam, accidental spit, and so on. It’s important to keep those mirrors wiped down with a high quality glass cleaner in order to preserve them.

Over time, you and your mirror begin to share a bond. You can reflect this bond back onto your mirror by making sure you’re taking the proper precautions to make this a lasting relationship.